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2011 Super Bowl Game Notes and Records

It will take some time for Steeler Nation to lick its wounds after the Pittsburgh Steelers' disappointing loss to the Green Bay Packers. Myself included, who must now start thinking about the long offseason ahead with no games to write about. When you come this far and are an 87-yard drive away from winning a Super Bowl, it's hard to think back about all the positive aspects of the season.

Before trying to piece together that narrative, let's take a look at some of the interesting stats and notes from the Packers 31-25 win over the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV

SB Records Set:

Fewest Combined Rushing Attempts: 36, Green Bay (13); Pittsburgh (23)

SB Records Tied:

Most SB Appearances: 8, Pittsburgh (tied record set by Dallas)

Fewest Turnovers: 0, Green Bay (tied record shared by 17 other teams)

Fewest Combined First Downs By Penalty Both Teams: 0 (tied record set in five other SB)

Fewest Rushing Attempts by Winning Team: 13, Green Bay (tied record set by St. Louis, SB XXXIV)

Other Telling Stats From Steelers Loss:

  • Teams committing the fewer turnovers have a 33-3 record in Super Bowls.
  • Green Bay scored two touchdowns within 24 seconds in the first quarter - the fastest pair of touchdowns scored by one team in a Super Bowl since SB XXVII, when Dallas scored two touchdowns in 18 seconds after having scored two touchdowns in 15 seconds earlier in that game.
  • For the third consecutive postseason game, Green Bay scored a touchdown on an interception return, becoming the first team in NFL history to score a touchdown on an interception return in each of three consecutive postseason games