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Update: Steelers Deny Keit Coaching Staff to be Raided By Ken Whisenhunt and the Cardinals?

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With the 2010 NFL season officially in the books, it's just about time to start thinking about 2011 and beyond. That means assessing what the personnel of the Pittsburgh Steelers might look like when football activities resume, hopefully this spring after a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached. Of course, Steeler Nation will be interested in which players will remain in Pittsburgh, who might be added to the mix via free agency and the draft, and who's played their final snaps in the black and gold. It's not just the player roster however that might look different in Pittsburgh. There's also the possibility that the coaching staff will experience some overhaul on the coaching staff as well.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, who was on Sportstalk on TribLIVE Radio with Ken Laird and Deshea Townsend today, discussed what he's been hearing about Ken Whisenhunt's search for new coaches, most notably at defensive coordinator. Somers mentioned that Whisenhunt willl first inquire about luring Dick LeBeau away from Pittsburgh, but according to Somers, Whiz knows that's a massive long shot. A more distinct possibility though is obtaining Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler provided the Steelers allow him to interview. Whizenhunt and Butler were pals during their time together in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, so the familiarity is certainly there. More importantly though, you've got to figure that Butler would be thrilled to make the vertical move profesionally rather than hang around Pittsburgh waiting for the inveterate LeBeau to hang it up.

You can listen to the segment with Somers right here