2011 NFL Combine Winners and Losers

With the combine done and complete, here is a position by position break down of the winners and losers of the combine. The names are linked to each players page on Enjoy!

Quarterback Winners:

  • 1. Jake Locker: He was exceptional in the 40 and other athletic drills and looked accurate in the throwing.
  • 2. Christian Ponder: He was the best QB at the combine. He was extremely accurate and is very athletic.
  • 3. Ryan Mallet: Mallet was incredibly accurate and made all the throws at the combine.
  • 4. Greg McElroy: McElroy had a nearly perfect Wonderlic score which will help his stock. He should be drafted come April.

Quarterback Losers:

  • 1. Cam Newton: Despite being great in the media session, Newton was inaccurate completing just 11 of 21 throws.

Running back Winners:

  • 1. Shane Vereen: People questioned whether Vereen could be an every-down back but he weighed 210 pounds and benched 31 reps. He will definitely be an every down back in the NFL.
  • 2. Delone Carter: Carter ran a 4.53 40 and weighed at 225 pounds. He has a frame like MJD and could be picked on day 2.
  • 3. Mark Ingram: His 40 wasn’t great but he had the fastest 10 yard split which is the most important thing for a RB.

Running back Losers:

  • 1. Noel Devine: Devine had to drop out of the combine due to a hamstring injury. He needed a good combine to show his speed.
  • 2. John Clay: People said he needed to slim down and he did. He weighed in at 230 but he still ran a measly 4.77. He is a FB only.

Wide Receiver Winners:

  • 1. Jon Baldwin: Baldwin showed his athletic prowess at the combine. Cemented himself as the #3 WR in the draft
  • 2. A.J. Green: There were reports that Green would run a 4.6 at the combine. He actually ran a 4.48
  • 3. Julio Jones: People thought he would run a 4.50. He ran a 4.39. Incredible for a player of his size.
  • 4. Torrey Smith: Smith ran a 4.43 40 and posted a 41 inch vertical. Might be a 1st round pick.
  • 5. Edmond Gates: Gates ran the fastest 40 yard dash of the WR. He ran a 4.35. Will be a mid-round selection.

Wide Receiver Losers:

  • 1. Greg Little: Reports came out that Little lied about his suspension and what not at the combine. Some say he could go undrafted now.
  • 2. Titus Young: Young was compared to Desean Jackson before the combine but he only ran a 4.43 at the combine. No chance of being a 1st round pick anymore.
  • 3. Vincent Brown: Brown ran a woeful 4.66 40 yard dash.

Tight End Winners:

  • 1. Virgil Green: Green was a basketball player who switched and showed his incredible athleticism.
  • 2. Rob Housler: the only player who was more impressive than Green.
  • 3. Jordan Cameron: Cameron, Green, and Housler were three of the most athletic TE’s in the history of the combine. All will be mid to late round picks.

Tight End Losers:

  • 1. None: No tight end had a bad combine. There could be as many as 10 TE’s taken this year.

Offensive Tackle Winners:

  • 1. Tyron Smith: Although he did not workout, he weighed in at 307 pounds. Cemented as the #1 OT
  • 2. Anthony Castonzo: Costanzo looked extremely good in all of the drills.
  • 3. Derek Sherrod: Sherrod was also extremely athletic and pretty fast. Also was 320 pounds which is good.

Offensive Tackle Losers:

  • 1. Nate Solder: People are high on how Solder ran a fast 40. However, the more important thing is the bench press. Solder did a measly 22 reps. Not good

Offensive Guard Winners:

  • 1. Marcus Cannon: Cannon weighed in at a whopping 358 pounds. You would think it would slow him down? Wrong. He ran a 5.2 40 and was very impressive in the cone drill.

Offensive Guard Losers:

  • 1. Demarcus Love: Some thought Love could play RT but there is no chance as proven at the combine

Defensive tackle Winners:

  • 1. Stephen Paea: Paea benched 225 pounds 49 times. Incredible. Could sneak into the 1st round.
  • 2. Marcel Dareus: Dareus weighed in at 320 and ran a sub 5.0 40 yard dash. He will probably be the first defensive linemen taken in the draft, ahead of Fairley and Bowers.
  • 3. Marvin Austin: Austin ran a 4.80 and had a 38 inch vertical. He is extremely athletic and likely locked up a 2nd round spot.
  • 4. Terrell McClain: McClain didn’t have a great 40, but he was amazing in the drills. He could go as high as round 3.
  • 5. Muhammad Wilkerson: Wilkerson showed that he will be a great 5-tech player in the NFL. Should go in the 1st round.
  • 6. Phil Taylor: Taylor continued to lose weight, weighing in at 334 pounds and still ran a 5.18 at the combine. He is a lock for the 1st round and some say he could go as high as #11 to the Texans or #21 to the Chiefs. NO chance he makes it past the Steelers at #31.

Defensive linemen Losers:

  • 1. Corey Liuget: Liuget was reported as 6-4. Well he is only 6-2. That eliminates him from being a 3-4 NT. He has to hope a 4-3 team wants him or he will fall dramatically.
  • 2. Nick Fairley: Fairley played the entire season at 6-5 299 but he came in at a meager 6-3 and 290. This will hurt him tremendously.He still might be the #1 pick but I think Dareus has more of a chance than Fairley now.

Defensive End Winners

  • 1. Dontay Moch: Moch ran an incredible 4.44 at the combine. He will likely transition to 3-4 OLB.
  • 2. Ugo Chinasa: Chinasa ran a 4.67 and was 6-5 and 264 pounds. He is a mid-round sleeper who could be a very good 4-3 DE.
  • 3. Justin Houston: Houston gained weight (weighed in at 270) while keeping his speed. He could play 3-4 OLB or continue to play 4-3 DE
  • 4. Cameron Jordan: Jordan ran a 4.71 and weighed in at 287. He will be a great 3-4 DE and will likely go in the top 15
  • 5. Ryan Kerrigan: Kerrigan ran a 4.67 40 and had a 33.5 inch vertical. He also weighed in at 263 which means he is big enough to be a 4-3 DE
  • 6. J.J. Watt: Watt put to rest the fact that he is not athletic. He ran a 4.78 and had a 37 inch vertical. He also benched 34 reps. He will definitely be a 1st round pick after this strong showing. Watt showed that he has the versatility to play 3-4 or 4-3 DE.

Defensive End Losers:

  • 1. Robert Quinn: Quinn put up very respectable number of 4.67 and a 34 inch vertical but not what was expected. He will still be a top 10 pick, but with a strong combine he could have gone as high as #3. So I guess you can’t say he really "lost" but he did not win. I think he will go between 5 and 10 in the draft.

Linebacker Winners:

  • 1. Von Miller: Miller is going to be a stud. He ran a 4.46 and had a 37 inch vertical while weighing in at 6-3 246. No chance he does not go in the top 5. Miller is able to play any LB position in the 3-4.
  • 2. Martez Wilson: Wilson showed off his incredible athleticism, running a 4.44 and a 36 inch vertical. Wilson could sneak into the 1st round but no chance he lasts more than 15 picks in the 2nd round.

Linebacker Losers:

  • 1. Jeremy Beal: After a horrible showing at the Senior Bowl, Beal continued his terribleness at the combine.

Cornerback and Safety Winners:

  • 1. Prince Amukamara: Amukamara is going to be a stud. In any other year, he would be the 1st CB taken. He ran a 4.37 and had a 38 inch vertical leap.
  • 2. Curtis Brown: Brown showed off great hands and athleticism at the combine. He should go in the middle of the 2nd round.
  • 3. Ras I Dowling: Dowling ran a 4.40 40 which puts to rest any of the thoughts that he is too slow to play CB.
  • 4. Brandon Harris: Harris ran a 4.43 and was incredible in the drills. He was the best CB on the field today. He is a lock to be the 3rd CB taken and will likely go in the top 25.
  • 5. Patrick Peterson: Not like he had much to prove, but he held off Amukamara as the best CB in the draft and the best CB since Charles Woodson.
  • 6. Darryl Skrine: Skrine is a little-school sleeper than ran the fastest 40 of the combine at 4.29. He was also great in the drills. He should be a mid to late round pick after coming in the combine likely going undrafted.
  • 7. Joe Lefeged: Lefeged ran a 4.42 and had a 36.5 inch vertical. He is the fastest safety in the draft and might even be able to transition to corner.
  • 8. Shiloh Keo: Keo had a pretty bad 40, but he was incredible in the drills and really showed his hustle and work ethic.

Cornerback and Safety Losers:

  • 1. Kendric Burney: Team’s don’t like small and slow corners and that is what Burney is.
  • 2. Brandon Burton: Burton ran a fine 40 but he was not good in the drills.
  • 3. Ahmad Black: Black might be the slowest safety of all time. He ran a 4.74 and coaches were shaking their heads while watching.
  • 4. Jimmy Smith: Smith had a good 40 at 4.38 and showed off his impressive size, but it was revealed to us by Smith that he only has been arrested once when he has actually been arrested twice. His character concerns and tackling concerns will likely make him the 4th CB taken.
  • 5. Aaron Williams: Williams was ok in the 40 at 4.52 but he looked all over the place. He might have to play FS in the NFL.

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