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BTSC 2011 Community Mock Draft -- Final Team Selections

Many thanks to all of you who jumped in and offered to participate in this year's edition of the BTSC Community Mock Draft. A couple of quick notes before sharing the final list of participants.

NOTE: I should have clarified this, but we will only be selecting the first round, not a complete seven rounds. So, you can not make your selections until you have learned who the teams before you are selecting. I received an email with an overview of a team's needs and the types of players that make sense to select based on those needs. That's a good place to start, but you only need to select one player when it's your turn, and you need to keep track of who's been selected previously before making your pick. If we roar through the first round in a timely manner, we might do a second round. But for now, just plan on making one pick, one write up based on who's been selected before you. Thanks.

  • If you would prefer to be contacted at another email address other than the one you provided when you registered for the site, please let me know what that is. If you joined via Yahoo or Facebook and I don't have an email address for you, please let me know where I can contact you if need be. (
  • Please submit your picks to me via email. I will then promptly publish for you and give you proper attribution for your efforts. If you'd like to include a picture or videos, please send me the URLs of which images/videos you'd like and I will insert them.
  • You can make your write up as short or as long as you'd like. Please though try to at least include a few sentences about the team's needs and why your selection addresses that need.
  • Don't feel like you have to get me your pick too quickly once it's your turn to select, but also don't let more than, say, 24 hours to pass if at all possible.

So without further ado, Carolina and PCISteelers are on the clock.  Final team selection list is after the jump.

  1. Carolina Panthers - PCISteeler
  2. Denver Broncos - Cannon36
  3. Buffalo Bills - steelerstyle
  4. Cincinnati Bengals - dietrich43
  5. Arizona Cardinals - theatrain
  6. Cleveland Browns - DwightWhite'sMissingTooth
  7. San Francisco 49ers - Michael Ulhorn
  8. Tennessee Titans - seton hall and steelers
  9. Dallas Cowboys - steelerintexas
  10. Washington Redskins - John Stepephens
  11. Houston Texans - mojo88
  12. Minnesota Vikings - Steel in FL
  13. Detroit Lions - mississippi_steel
  14. St. Louis Rams - Sarge_32
  15. Miami Dolphins - MiamiSteelersFan
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars - DadeCountyJag
  17. New England Patriots (from Oakland) - NYSteelersFan4
  18. San Diego Chargers - J Lee
  19. New York Giants - paulamalu
  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Bringin' the Wood(ley)
  21. Kansas City Chiefs - Wichita SunSteeler
  22. Indianapolis Colts - barnerburner
  23. Philadelphia Eagles - Jim Dominy
  24. New Orleans Saints - WVPiratesFan
  25. Seattle Seahawks - Lil_DWilliams17
  26. Baltimore Ravens-- Josh Roberts
  27. Atlanta Falcons - Bluegrass Steeler
  28.  New England Patriots - NYSteelersFan4
  29. Chicago Bears - betelguese
  30. New York Jets - TomlinsPuffyJacket
  31. Pittsburgh Steelers -- maryrose
  32. Green Bay Packers - JDSpartan