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BTSC 2011 Community Mock Draft Pick No. 1 -- Carolina Panthers Select Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

The first pick of the BTSC 2011 Community Mock Draft is in and it's what I might call a controversial one. Many thanks to PCI Steeler for making the pick and doing so promptly. Next up: the Denver Broncos and Cannon36. - Michael B. -


The Panthers are a team with needs all across the field.  Their offense was the weak point.  It doesnt help when you have to start a rookie QB, especially when the plan was to not start him in year one, DeAngelo Williams was out for over half of the season, their WR corps start with Steve Smith and ends with him.Even though they have a need of WR, and AJ Green is one of the sure picks of this draft at his position, they wouldnt have a QB to throw to him.
Von Miller would have been an option. He's a LB and that needs falls back some spots to other pressing needs.

I would like to choose Patrick Peterson. He's a 4 down guy.  As Deion Sanders once said,"You had to see me in 1st 2nd and 3rd down. And now you have to punt to me in 4th down."  His value is worth the first pick.  They also have a couple of free agents in their secondary, which can make him a realistic option.

In the end after checking out the fellas at Cat Scratch Reader, and talking to some of my friends here in NC, they all felt a QB was going to be the pick.  Newton vs. Blaine Gabbert, and I chose Newton. Why? Gabbert is a system QB whose measureables will sway some team -- that team will be disappointed when they draft him. His YPA was around 6 while Newton's was close to 10. And that was with sub par receivers in the plains of Auburn. Newton reminds me of another QB who weighs 250 lbs and is elusive in his pocket and out of the field. Well 2 of them.  He potentially has a mix of Mcnair and our own QB, Benjamin. He throws the ball vertical, and has very good accuracy.  The Panthers like to go downfield with Smith a lot, and they don't have a qb with an arm like Newton. Newton has the highest ceiling out of all the QBs in the draft. Yes, he has off field issues, but they were a result of negligence and greed from the parents than on him. I've included some video of his highlights.