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NFL Issues Summary Of Proposal Rejected By NFLPA

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Again, it couldn't be more important to note who is issuing this very amalgamated summary. Just like the official statement released by the league this afternoon, the following summary of proposal filed by the league's impressive communications wing is packaged in a way that intentionally makes the league look in the right. More importantly than that though, a 10 bullet point summary of all that has been negotiated contentiously is clearly not a complete picture of the myriad numbers and minor details that are in play and clearly not yet mutually agreed on. 

With all that said, let's take a look at the summary, which you can read in its entirety here.

1. We more than split the economic difference between us, increasing our proposed cap for 2011 significantly and accepting the Union's proposed cap number for 2014 ($161 million per club).

2. An entry level compensation system based on the Union's "rookie cap" proposal, rather than the wage scale proposed by the clubs. Under the NFL proposal, players drafted in rounds 2-7 would be paid the same or more than they are paid today. Savings from the first round would be reallocated to veteran players and benefits.

3. A guarantee of up to $1 million of a player's salary for the contract year after his injury - the first time that the clubs have offered a standard multi-year injury guarantee.

4. Immediate implementation of changes to promote player health and safety by:

  • Reducing the off-season program by five weeks, reducing OTAs from 14 to 10, and limiting on-field practice time and contact;
  • Limiting full-contact practices in the preseason and regular season; and
  • Increasing number of days off for players.

5. Commit that any change to an 18-game season will be made only by agreement and that the 2011 and 2012 seasons will be played under the current 16-game format.


Read the remaining five points here.