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BTSC Week In Review: NFL Work Stoppage Rears Its Ugly Head Edition

Like I do every Sunday evening, a quick review of what was written on Behind the Steel Curtain this past week just in case some of you were away from your regular web reading this week.

* Ivan Cole started the week with a post about 'Issues That Need to be Addressed' in the NFL's still-not-resolved  Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

* Hines Ward fills us in how his preliminary experiences preparing for Dancing With The Stars have been going.  In a word, intense.

* Last Monday brought the intriguing and exciting news that former Steelers legend Carnell Lake was returning to Pittsburgh to coach the team's defensive backs.

* John Stephens filed his third and final part to his review of the NFL's best offenses in 2010.

* Momma's Mock Draft (Part 1; Part 2).

* 2011 Free Agent Analysis -- Dennis Dixon.

* Ivan Cole was relieved there was at least a sliver of good news by week's end.

* I had a bad feeling in the middle of last week that we were headed for bad news on the labor front.  Lawyers + investment bankers + questionable leadership at the top shouldn't ever sound like a great recipe for the NFLPA coming to a quick agreement with the NFL and its owners.

* 2011 NFL Draft player profiels: Brandon Harris, CB, Miami.....Clint Boling, G, Georgia

* Here's the NFL's official statement in the immediate wake of the NFLPA's decertification on Friday; shortly after, the NFL also released a summary of proposal denied by the NFLPA.