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BTSC 2011 Community Mock Draft Pick No. 5 -- Arizona Cardinals Select Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

We're moving right along in this year's edition of the BTSC Community Mock Draft. Huge thanks for atrain for keeping the momentum going with his very logical pick at No. 5. Ken Whisenhunt would I'm sure do cartwheels were Peterson to fall to the Cards at the fifth spot. Next up: The Cleveland Browns, represented by the author of what I thought was one of the more clever fanposts ever written here on BTSC, DwightWhite's Missing Tooth. -- Michael B. --


As is the case with any team drafting in the top 5, 2011 Arizona Cardinals have a number of holes to fill, and as a result, could take one of a few different options. In 2010, they showed the football world how far an offense can fall just by losing their star quarterback. The team posted impressive top five offensive rankings in both points (3rd) and yardage (4th) in 2008, and above average rankings (11th and 14th) in 2009, each season ending in playoff appearances.

The retirement of Kurt Warner and departure of Anquan Boldin via free agency left the Cards offense in the ditch, finishing 26th in yardage and 31st in points in 2010. Lead by Cleveland cast-off Derek Anderson, and unknown rookies in Max Hall and John Skelton, the team limped to a 5-11 finish with more questions than answers at the team's most important position. This poses a plausible argument for drafting Blane Gabbert of Missouri.

The drudgery doesn't end there. The rarely-vaunted Cardinal defense came in a dreadful 30th in points allowed, had the third worst rush defense in terms of yards allowed (20th in YPC), and were below average in pass defense. In short, they could use a high-impact guy on that side of the ball. Patrick Peterson of LSU has the makings of a guy who could fill that need.

So given this scenario, there are two possible routes I would consider if I were running the Cardinals. I'm a little weary of drafting a WR this high. Yeah sure my reluctance is arbitrary, but at least the Detroit Lions might agree with me. By drafting Gabbert, the team basically punts the 2011 season, if there is one. Gabbert is either relegated to the bench, having to learn from whomever the Cards put out there, or is thrown in the fire hoping for a Sam Bradford-esque surprise. Either way it's a big risk, and any potential reward is likely 2-3 years away, giving Larry Fitzgerald just enough time to skip town. Peterson gives the defense a much needed splash player, whether as a shutdown corner, or, given his size, a potential high impact safety. So, with the 5th pick in the 2011 BTSC Community Mock Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select...

Patrick Peterson, Cornerback, Louisiana State University.


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