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Step Aside Johnny McEntee, Long Snapper Zach Enyeart is the New Trick Shot Ninja In Town

In February, UCONN quarterback Johnny McEntee had his 15 minutes of fame with a trick shot compilation video that was undeniably incredible. It was so cool that I even featured it here on BTSC. If you haven't seen that yet, treat yourself to it first, then come back and watch the video below and let me know which you found more impressive.

However Washington State long snapper Zach Enyeart may just have McEntee beat. A 2011 NFL Draft hopeful, Enyeart was wise to put this jaw-dropping video together just a few short months away from April's Draft. Take a look.

Will it eventually be viewed by scouts and personnel people at the NFL level? You bet it will. Will it get him drafted? Probably not. But it probably will get him an invite to a training camp as an undrafted free agent rookie.

In Pittsburgh maybe? Nah, we've got James Harrison as an insurance option. No need.