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You Know You're A Steelers Fan If...

Every now and then, I have a conversation with a friend of mine where he expresses concern about how much he cares about the Steelers. Whenever he says it, I think: At least I'm not the only one!I think we all, at some point, wonder about how much the Steelers mean to us, then we keep on being loyal fans. Oh, we try to keep our fanship in perspective, until game day, at which point we lose perspective and the game becomes the center of the universe. So, I took a queue from J. Foxworthy and started a list of possible hints you are a Steelers fan. Please add to it as you see fit.

You Know You Are A Steelers Fan If:

- Your bride's maids wore black & gold and didn't complain.

- You've driven your neighbors cat to the next county and dropped him off because your neighbor is a browns fan...Twice.

- You have at least one Steelers tattoo. Your parents took you to get it.

- As a child, you waited up one Christmas Eve to MAKE Santa give you season tickets to the Steelers. What a crushing night that was.

- You have a second spouse in Pittsburgh so you have a place to stay (Free) for games.

- You've spent time at a "Retreat" after a Steelers loss. The place caters to Steelers fans.

- You've planted Symtex in your neighbors garage and then turned his name into the FBI as a possible terrorist to move one spot higher on the Steelers season ticket waiting list. He was eleven.

- The most consistent sex you and your spouse have is after a Steelers' win.

- When told at the hospital that you would require an immediate four hour surgery to save a crushed finger, you told them to "Cut it off" so you wouldn't miss the game...It was a preseason game.

- You once pretended not to be in labor until the game was over. That's why he married you.

- You've made your kid pretend he/she was dying to get tickets to a Steelers game through Make a Wish Foundation. Your kid was thirty-two at the time.

- You and your spouse split up because of the Big Ben thing, and you're both still Steelers fans. Your child's psychologist had to be a Steelers fan.

- You're a married man and you listed Troy Polamalu as one of your five freebies. None of your buddies find this strange.

- You're a married woman and you listed Steelers as all five of your freebies. Your husband helped you pick the five.

- You're in prison for trying to have and opposing QB whacked....Twice.

- You voted for Obama because Dan Rooney endorsed him...Correction: Ambassador to Ireland, Dan Rooney.

- You feel the need to write something on BTSC as least once a week.

- You watched Dancing with the Stars last night (You so-know Hines did better than a seven!).