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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: NFL Rule Changes Edition

IX - Whenever a new CBA is reached and NFL action resumes, there will be several rule changes to take note of. The two big ones are a change in where kickoffs are conducted, and to how instant replay is governed. Kickoffs will be moved up five yards to the 35 yard line, much to the chagrin of one-trick pony return specialists league wide. It's worth noting though that all the proposed changes within those two broad categories did not pass. You can read about the full details here. One thing I've yet to see anyone comment on is that it should be obvious why the owners were so in favor of the replay change: duh, replays equal more TV timeouts.

Oh yeah, almost forgot one: rest assured that your favorite NFL field won't look anything like Boise State's unique stadium anytime soon.

X - NFLPA director DeMaurice joined Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk Live to provide an update on the labor impasse, his decision to reduce his salary similar to how Roger Goodell and Jeff Pash did, why the players have taken the stance they have and other interesting topics. You can watch the video of their conversation or you can read a partial transcription via SRI.

XIII - In SB Nation's most recent Mock Draft iteration, the Pittsburgh Steelers select a guy I hadn't heard anything about until Big Jay pegged him as a potential pick for Pittsburgh in a mock draft of his own -- Ben Ijalana, OT, Villanova. I'm not at all sold on him as a good fit just yet, but that could change I suppose the more familiar I become with him and his skill set.

XIV - It's several weeks old now, but if you haven't seen it, check out the four part video series of Mike Tomlin at his youth football camp in Newport News, VA on the team's official website. (Part 1...Part 2....Part 3....Part 4)

XL - Also on the team's official site is the first entry in a new series by Bob Labriola that will chronicle the 52 postseason games in Steelers history beginning with the 'Immaculate Reception' game between the Steelers and Raiders in January of 1972.

XLIII - Read this fanpost on Every Day Should Be Saturday, the undisputed king of college football comedy and commentary. It's called 'The Album Cover Game', and it's funny as hell. I'd like to see us do our version of this game, so whoever may be inclined, rip off the instructions -- verbatim even -- and get it started in the fanposts.