Thank You Michael and BTSC

Most of you that read this regularly and have been here a while know that when I comment or post it is either me joking around or it will be something draft related. That is probably how it will always be, but I occasionally try to write some good style stuff. 

Anyway, I've been around here for about 3 years now, and have been a regular commenter for about 2 years, so alot of the regulars know a fair amount of my life and stuff. Well anyway, I came back from France early because I wasn't getting enough shifts to afford to live out there anymore, so I am back living in England.

I was applying for jobs and came across one for a web design and marketing firm. I love working with the internet, but have no real experience in doing it as a job, so I assumed I had no chance to get it, but applied anyway. In the section entitled "Reasons Why we Should Hire You", I wrote about my experiences with both BTSC and Youtube (I run a pretty succesful channel on there). 

Well to the crux of the post, I got a phone call earlier on from the owner of the company offering me the job writing blogs for businesses that don't want to do it themselves (I'm para-phrasing the job title here). When he was explaining why I got the job he said that a massive part of it was my experience with writing on the internet before, especially with a site as large as BTSC. 

So I just wanted to make this public post saying thank you to Michael for running what is easily the best sports blog on the internet. As well as saying thanks to all the people that have read my idiotic comments, and provided feedback and discussion. I probably wouldn't be getting this awesome job without you.

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