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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Sunday Night Edition

Hopefully good news is in store at some point this week with a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. While we wait for negotiations to resume Monday morning, here's a quick six pack of links for your Sunday night enjoyment. 

IX - I've heard several of you express interest in the Pittsburgh Power, the city's new AFL team. The Pittsburgh Daily Sports Bulletin, which does a fantastic job of keeping fans updated about all that's being written about the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates, has an interview up with Terance Carter and Pittsburgh native Anthony Moreli. The two discuss adjustments to AFL game, coaching emphasis, NFL experiences and ambitions and more.

X - Cold Hard Football Facts has their first season in review stats post up -- a preliminary look at their Final 2010 Overall Quality Offense Rankings. You might be surprised where the Steelers rank in their metrics. 

XIII - Here's an intelligent take on how the NFL should go about restructuring to an 18-game schedule should the owners get their wish of adding two games.

XIV - If you have twenty or thirty minutes, you might enjoy an article in the latest issue of GQ about former star linebacker Fred McNeill and his post-career life struggles stemming from repeated head trauma. Lifetime health insurance absolutely must be part of the new CBA.

XL - The Freakonomics blog weighs in on the NFL labor issue and then allows readers to submit questions to George Attalah in the comments section. His answers forthcoming.

XLV - Sean Conboy of Pittsburgh Magazine with a fun Q&A with Steelers legend Franco Harris.