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Momma's Mock Draft Part 2

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Here are Rounds 4 - 7 of my mock draft. You can find Rounds 1 - 3 here. As I explained in part 1, since I don't watch college football, and thus know nothing about the players in the draft class, I decided to go with my own metric - BLA, or Best-Looking Available. To my surprise, I actually found a piece of research that supports the idea that those who are endowed with physical attractiveness are also more likely to be athletically gifted. 

In the first three rounds I confined myself to positions that I felt the Steelers actually need to draft - OT/G, CB, and one lone DE in the 3rd round.  (I gave 3 options for each round.)  In the later rounds I felt free to have a look at some other positions that might not represent a position of need, but the player intrigued me.  Because this increased the difficulties greatly, I decided to confine myself to 2 picks per round.  Enjoy!

Round 4

Cecil Shorts III


The delectable Mr. Shorts is unfortunately a WR, albeit one who is 6'2".  But what a receiver! He's had 3 straight 1000 yard seasons,and this season had a team-best 63 catches for 1,106 yards and 17 TDs. He offers positional flexibility, as he also had 114 yards rushing, 22 punt returns with a 16.1 yard average and 2 TDs, and 9 kick returns, 22.8 yard average, and 1 TD.  This was while out for 3 games during 2010 with an injury.  He is from Mount Union, and in an interview, former Mount Union alum Pierre Garcon stated that "Cecil is a great player and will do well.  He is explosive and a take it to the house player."  I know we're stacked at WR, but I think that we should move Limas Sweed to CB, thus still leaving us short in the height department.  And what a name! We should draft him just for that.

If he is unavailable, my other fourth round pick is:

Jermale Hines, FS

I'm sorry the picture is so enormous - I can't get it to resize.  But this does allow us to look over Mr. Hines more carefully, and there's a lot to like.  In the picture he has just tipped a pass and is about to catch it and take it 32 yards for a TD.  He is said to be a versatile athlete who has explosive speed and a nose for the football.  He looks terrific from the front, sans helmet, and brings a lot of excitement to the center field. Honestly, 
I'd love to take them both. 

Round 5

Martin Parker, DT


For a Big Eater, Parker is a good-looking man.  And for a 303 pound gentleman, he is fast, running a sub-5.0 40 time at the combine. He was named a Scholar-Athlete as a senior.  He was also a tackling machine, recording 45 tackles, 2.5 sacks, five forced fumbles, and 3 fumble recoveries, including one that he took 42 yards for a touchdown.  I like the looks of him!  And if another team that picks before we do also notice his sterling qualities, my second choice is:

Mark LeGree, FS


LeGree was originally looking like he would be a UFA, but has been moving up the boards.  Here is an article on the Carolina Panthers SB Nation site extolling his many virtues.  The picture above tells me all I need to know...

Round 6

At this point I'm digging around in the wildly unpredictable levels of players that might go undrafted.  But there is still talent to be found here.  When we look at last year's sixth round picks, we see that Jonathan Dwyer was projected to go in the 2nd-4th round and Stevenson Sylvester to go in the 7th round or be undrafted.  It is interesting how they turned out.  At any rate, this is who I've found for my final 2 rounds, as I'm trying not to assume that, say, Prince Akukamara might fall to us in Round 7:

My first choice is a guy with a name that just begs to be a Steeler - Chris Prosinski, FS.


A "quiet kid who leads by example, works hard in practice, plays hard in every game" according to his coach, he was a leading All-Conference and All-America candidate in 2010.  He was voted a team captain in the spring of 2010.  His stock is rising, and should he not make it, or should we take a safety earlier, I propose:

Sealver Siliga, DT


A slightly slower, stronger version of Martin Parker, Siliga would be an interesting choice if we don't get Parker.  He is a junior whose real name is Tupaimoefitpo Siliga.  This is a rich year for unusual names - you could do an entire mock based on BNA as well.  Siliga may have declared a year too early to attract favorable notice, but that might mean that we could pick him up to learn at Casey Hampton's knee.  (Hampton's knee is a scary thought, actually...)  And finally,

Round 7

Collin Franklin, TE


Sorry about the pic - it's hard to find good ones for most of the late-round guys.  But he is fine-looking, trust me on this.  He had a great senior season, averaging 4.5 receptions per game, and finished his college career with 87 receptions for 980 yards and 5 touchdowns. At 6.5, he would make another tall target for Ben, and he looks strong enough to block.  My backup prospect is:

Taylor Potts, QB


I know what you're thinking.  "A quarterback? One who, furthermore, shows the sort of poor judgment that would lead a man to grow a Fu Manchu 'stach?"  Well, I trust our coaching staff to gently guide him into better facial hair choices. Potts did very well in a dink and dunk system, and if nothing else he would give our defensive backfield someone to practice on.  And I have to say that although the mustache judgment is questionable, the hair is very well thought out, and shows that he has some unexpected depths.

Well, folks, there it is.  This will probably be the only mocks for 2011, as other projects are keeping me busy.  As always, I love to hear what you think of these guys.