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Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 NFL Schedule Released

And it's out. The 2011 NFL Schedule has been released just a few short minutes ago. Let's take a look at who the six-time Super Bowl champions are scheduled to play this coming season....provided there is a season.

Week 1
Sunday, Sept.11th @ Baltimore Ravens
1 pm
Week 2 Sunday, Sept.18th Seattle Seahawks
1 pm
Week 3
Sunday, Sept. 25th @ Indianapolis Colts
Week 4
Sunday, Oct.2nd @ Houston Texans 1 pm
Week 5 Sunday Oct.9th Tennessee Titans
1 pm
Week 6
Sunday Oct.16th Jacksonville Jaguars 1 pm
Week 7
Sunday Oct. 23rd @ Arizona Cardinals
Week 8 Sunday, Oct. 30th New England Patriots
4:15 pm
Week 9 Sunday, Nov. 6tth Baltimore Ravens
8:20 pm
Week 10 Sunday Nov. 13th @ Cincinnati Bengals
1 pm
Week  11 ----- Bye Week
Week 12 Sunday, Nov. 27th @ Kansas City Chiefs 8:20 pm
Week 13 Sunday, Dec. 4th Cincinnati Bengals
1 pm
Week 14 Thursday, Dec. 8th Cleveland Browns 8:20 pm
Week 15 Monday, Dec. 19th @ San Francisco 49ers 8:30 pm
Week 16 Saturday, Dec. 24th St. Louis Rams
1 pm
Week 17 Sunday Jan.1st @ Cleveland Browns 1 pm

Preliminary thoughts: That is a brutal start to the season with 3 games on the road and 3 playoff teams in the first 4 games.  Starting against the Ravens is probably the dumbest thing the NFL can do, considering how highly rated those games are.  You would think they would want to put those at the end of the season.  That way you have great games near the end and two teams that are always fighting for the division.  Moreover, I cannot wait for that Seahawks game.  I have been yearning for another game against them since all that whining from XL.  We have back to back games in week 3 and 4 against two teams that can pass really well.  It looks very plausible to me to start the season 1-3.  The end of the season looks a lot easier than the start with 5 games in a row against teams that did not break .500.

What do you all think?