Guess Pittsburgh's Draft Pick, Win Autographed Copy of Book: From Black to Gold - The Pittsburgh Steelers

I am giving away five autographed copies of my book: From Black to Gold, The Pittsburgh Steelers. If you already have the book, another copy would make a fine gift (I'll sign the book to whomever you want). I will also pay the shipping - everything for you is free. All you need to do is guess correctly who the Steelers will draft with their first pick. If the Steelers trade out of the first round, or even trade up, it will make things more difficult, but we will still go with the plan.

Five copies will be awarded. If more than five people choose the correct player, I will put all the winning names into a hat and pick five. You may only vote once. Simply post the name on this thread. The contest ends the moment Roger Goodell walks to the podium to make the first pick on Thursday, April 28. All those who choose correctly must send me an email with your name, address, BTSC screen name and to whom you want the book signed, by midnight Sunday night after the draft:

I will also post a main-page article listing all correct entries (screen names). The entries will be listed in the order they are posted, so those who post earlier will be given higher ranking on the list. This has got to be worth a simple response from everyone who reads this. Good luck and let the game begin!

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