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Behind the Steel Curtain 2011 NFL Draft Open Thread

We made it. Finally the 2011 NFL Draft is set to start after months of speculation and waiting. Of course, with the Pittsburgh Steelers scheduled to pick at No. 31, there's still plenty of waiting left to be done this evening. But at long last, we'll finally go to bed this evening knowing who the latest addition to the Steelers family will be. Unless Kevin Colbert opts to trade out of the first round, that is.

Join fellow Steelers fans here to talk about the festivities from Radio City Music Hall in New York City as they unfold. I'll be around all evening joining the conversation in this thread, as well as posting a thing or two about what's unfolded in the earlier stages of the evening while we wait to see what happens with the Steelers later in the night.

Go Steelers!

Oh, and with 30 minutes still remaining, there's still time to enter the two draft contests we're having here on the site. The first, for $25 bucks, can be found here; the other, a chance to win maryrose's outstanding book From Black to Gold: The Pittsburgh Steelers, can be found here.