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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Endorsements Edition

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With the lockout still in a standstill and the draft still nearly a month away, I'm changing gears and sharing some sites/products/media I've been enjoying recently. Do share anything you've stumbled across recently that you think some in the community might also like to know about.

IX --  I just received a copy of a new book about football to read and review. I was particularly interested in the project though because I was a history major and because I enjoy reading about Teddy Roosevelt. The book is titled 'The Big Scrum: How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football.' I'm a few chapters in and it looks great. I'll save my commentary until I've finished the book and have a review to share.

X -The site is a bit overwhelming to navigate at first, but if you're looking for a central place to find NFL Mock Drafts, the DC Pro Sports Report's database is a great place to look around.

XII - If you're a baseball fan, you'll want to check out SB Nation's new baseball hub. It's called Baseball Nation and it's edited and managed by on the preeminent baseball writers on the planet, Rob Neyer. Formerly of ESPN, Neyer joined SB Nation prior to the start of the 2011 season. It's a huge haul for the company. Neyer is outstanding, both with the quantity (nobody has written more words on than Neyer), and the quality of his work. You can read his introductory piece explaining Baseball Nation right here.

XIV - Switching gears back to some products/websites I enjoy. I imagine some of you are familiar with several of these, but hopefully not all. Anyway, for music, rather than listening on YouTube, check out Soundcloud. It's got pretty much everything you could want, and lots of it is available to download. While teaching a club for youth called Digital Connectors here in Seattle, I stumbled across a site called Make Use Of. It's got all sorts of technology related tips and articles. Their Facebook page is also quite active and worth 'liking'. A few more: don't have the Microsoft Office Suite on your computer or laptop? No problem, get a free, open-source version at It's not quite as comprehensive as the original, but you can get by for sure.

XL - Ever heard of or seen the new show called Shameless? I just started watching it recently and think it's quite good. Not for everybody, mind you. In a nutshell, the series is about a large family on the South Side of Chicago. The father, William Macy, is a 'shameless' derelict drunk of a father, never around and totally pathetic. The mother is nowhere to be seen, presumably having left years ago as a result of Macy's behavior. That leaves the oldest daughter to fend for the other five kids in the family. They're a resourceful bunch, but obviously with no real parental influences around, they find plenty of mischief for themselves trying to get by in a tough neighborhood. It's based on the UK version, which I believe is in its seventh season. US remakes of British shows are typically inferior in my opinion (The Office, Skins, etc), but I believe the American version is better for several key reasons -- one, it's pretty difficult to understand the thick accents in the UK version; and secondly William Macy is always great. You can watch the first episode in its entirety for free on the Showtime website


XLIII - For the cooks in the audience, here's a few sites that my girlfriend and I utilize (mostly her though, I admit). The Pioneer Woman has all sorts of good stuff on there -- the dishes are great, not too fancy or complicated, but definitely enjoyable. The Tasty Kitchen page on the site features recipes from not just the site editor, but also from users who submit their favorite recipes. This is not exactly a site, but Google just rolled out yet another awesome product, Google Recipe. When you search for a recipe on Google, you can refine your search based on what ingredients you have available. You can read more about how it works and how to take advantage of it here. Finally, since we're all so dispersed throughout the country and world, I can't recommend a particular site, but we just started having some groceries delivered by Amazon Fresh. Being that the company is in our backyard, it's for the time being limited to just certain zip codes within the Seattle area. But I'm sure there's something similar in your neck of the woods, wherever that may be. All I know is that it's not any more expensive really to try it out, and when you factor in the time and other transaction costs saved by not going to the store so frequently, the difference is more than accounted for.