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Pittsburgh Steelers Should Immediately Benefit from Curtis Brown's Proven Special Teams Prowess

A quick post about the Pittsburgh Steelers' third round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft -- cornerback Curtis Brown out of the University of Texas. We'll have plenty of time this spring and summer to size up Brown and where he might fit into Dick LeBeau's defense in 2011 and beyond. But provided the soft-spoken Texan avoids a serious injury before the start of the new season, Brown will make this year's roster and have a chance to at least make an impact on special teams.

That's a good thing, because looking at Brown's efforts on special teams while on the 40 acres at UT, he was quite the star. In each of his first three seasons with the Longhorns, Brown either led, or was tied for the team lead in special team tackles. As a freshman in '07, Brown recorded nine ST tackles; he tied for the team lead with nine more as a sophomore in '08; and finally in '09, Brown pulled off the three-peat, leading the team for the third consecutive year with 15 ST tackles, while adding a blocked punt to his resume for good measure.

Yes, please. I like. The Steelers were in the hunt for a seventh Lombardi Trophy last year in large part because they were so much better on ST than the previous year. Drafting Brown gives the Al Everett a very competent, experienced, and willing ST contributor as Pittsburgh tries to again aid its offense and defense with solid ST play in '11 and beyond.

Go Brown! Welcome my man! And Go Steelers!