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BTSC 2011 Community Mock Draft Round Two -- Pick A Team!

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Enough of you chimed in that you would like to see us try to pull off a second round in our 2011 Community Mock Draft that I decided to give the second round a green light for the first time. As I expected, a few of you voted that one round was plenty, so to you, I legitimately apologize. Don't worry  though, I am confident it won't detract from writing and talking about other things.

Anyway, we'll see how far we get with this -- hopefully all the way through, but the NFL Draft begins in just under two weeks. We have our work cut out for us, but it should be fun reading about some names that aren't as familiar as the 40-45 prospects we keep reading about as likely first rounders.

Please do not throw your name into the mix if you don't think you'll be checking the site regularly enough to see when you're up. That's not to say you need to be on the web all the time. But once or twice a day until the draft starts is pretty much essential. Of course if you pick first, you can bail for an internet-less vacation immediately; and if you pick in the 60s of the second round, you're under no pressure to keep tabs for at least a week or so after the first pick is made. Fill out the roster, but be smart!

Don't let me discourage you from writing up something thorough if you have the time and inclination to get it done promptly, but we just gotta hit a two picks per day clip beginning this weekend if we want to get through picks 33-64. No need to rush if you're on top of it and see you're on the clock immediately. Even if we're doing three a day, you've still got multiple hours to think things over and come up with something interesting and even lengthy for us to read and enjoy.

As you'll see, I've reserved a few spots for those who spoke up in the comments section saying they'd like to participate again. For the rest of you, scan the comments to see who's off the board and stake your claim to a team. I'll do my best to update the list as people make their selections.

Finally, to those of you who voted that one round was plenty, I understand where you're coming from. But the people spoke and hopefully we'll at least learn a bit about some players that haven't been talked about ad nauseum by most media outlets as likely first round picks.

33)  New England Patriots - NYSteelersFan4

34) Buffalo Bills - Steeler_

35) Cincinnati Bengals - dietrich43

36) Denver Broncos - Cannon36

37) Cleveland Browns - DwightWhite's MissingTooth

38) Arizona Cardinals - Lamarr56

39) Tennessee Titans - seton hall and steelers

40) Dallas Cowboys - Steel34D

41) Washington Redskins - John Stephens

42) Houston Texans -jd5757

43) Minnesota Vikings - Steel in FL

44) Detroit Lions - JDSpartan

45) San Francisco 49ers - Michael Ulhorn

46) Denver Broncos - Cannon36

47) St. Louis Rams - Sarge_32

48) Oakland Raiders - Tomlin'sPuffyJacket

49) Jacksonville Jaguars - Flying Polamalus

50) San Diego Chargers - J Lee

51) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Bringin' the Wood(ley)

52) New York Giants - PCISteeler

53) Indianapolis Colts - barnerburner

54) Philadelphia Eagles - steel.curtain.number2

55) Kansas City Chiefs - WolfPackSteelersFan

56) New Orleans Saints - WVPiratesfan

57) Seattle Seahawks - Michael Bean

58) Baltimore Ravens-- Josh Roberts

59)  Atlanta Falcons -  Bluegreass Steeler

60) New England Patriots - NYSteelersFan4

61) San Diego Chargers - J Lee

62) Chicago Bears - ICEICETHATGUY13

63) Pittsburgh Steelers -- maryrose

64)  Green Bay Packers - c63tho