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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: No Real Theme Edition

IX - You may have recently read about the website Draft Metrics in a recent Ed Bouchette column. It's a great site chalk full of interesting data and analysis. The site is run by Tony Villiotti, who happens to be  the brother of BTSC contributor swissvale. Villiotti's credentials are impressive. A long-time corporate finance executive, Villiottti published a book titled 'Draft Metrics' about the history of the draft that multiple NFL teams found so valuable that they purchased it from him. Rumor has it that Bean recruited him to write about the draft in this year's preseason publication.

X - You can now purchase Steelers Digest in digital form for less than print form. You might want to check it out if you aren't protesting the lockout by not purchasing anything from the NFL, like me. If you are, sorry for the tease.

XIII -  I flipped to Dancing With the Stars last night in time to see the second half of Hines' second dance and the scores. I guess he did really well on the first dance of the night - not quite as well on the second. Here's what the Trib had to say about Hines' latest dance floor exploits:

I'm sorry Hines, I've tried, but I just can't watch that show for very long. I'd rather just wait for Momma Rollett's weekly reviews.

XII - Uh-oh...Twitter strikes again. Which is worse, what Mendy said, or Reggie Bush's recent comments?

Sure you were just kidding Reggie!

IV - If you want to see something that will get you a little heated check out's team offseason Team Rankings

Grrrr...Except for Pat Kerwin.

XL - I find this little study about NFL player safety and helmets to be quite interesting: . Especially after all the talking the players have been doing about the owners lack of concern for their health. I was always taught that you can never be more concerned about a persons career than that person is. You parents might want to take note if you young man is playing football. Yep, you guessed it, you may soon be shelling out for a helmet to better protect your young player.

XLIII - Here is something just for the fun of it.

What do you have for the fun of it?

P.S. I didn't link to any of the NFL lockout stories because you can't swing a dead cat without reading one of those.