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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Bottom Feeding For Stories Edition!

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IX - We often talk about the futility of trying to grade a draft right away, most say you need two to three years to grade a draft. USA Today recently graded the 2008 draft - Ooof!...that was not a good draft for the Steelers, Colbert and Tomlin. Can you even remember the while group of players? Additionally, a couple of years later, Belichick isn't such a genious. How can you not get an A with all those draft picks every year?

X - Here are five questions asked and answered about the Steelers (Also on USA Today). Don't expect anything mind-blowing here. But, when you're desperate, you will read anything concerning the Steelers (Like this Six Pack).

XIII - James Walker, always creative, asks what is the defining moment in Steelers history (As well as the Browns, Bengals and Ravens) and solicits your vote. I voted for the hiring of Chuck Noll. I also voted for the Brown defining moment being when they moved to Baltimore - I feel like that is really two defining moments for Baltimore.

XIV - Somebody working for the Browns is having delusions of grandeur. One of the best trades in history? I think this statement says it all:

"Based on what other teams around us were going to do"

How did he know what other teams were going to do? Stop talking until you have done something Pat.

XL - What's the AFC North's favorite spaz up to these days? If you haven't already read it, you are not going to believe this. I worked at the Rodeo here in Jackson when I was in high school, bull riding is no joke. I once saw a guy get killed. I think Chad was suckered by the promise of ten grand and a new truck IF HE CAN RIDE THE BULL, which he can't. So, the Rodeo promoter gets a free seat filler. Way to go Chad.

XLIII - Just for the fun of it! I watched this a little while back, it makes your stomach flip. Looks like he was thinking about the face he was about to ski and not concentrating on what he was doing. It's the little things that'll kill ya.