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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: The Waiting Game Continues Edition


IX - In his Monday Morning Quarterback column this week, Peter King commented on a rumored draft-day trade between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins. The rumor, which originated from a tweet, turned out to be entirely false. I wish it had at least been so true so we would have something legitimate to discuss, but apparently there was never any discussion between Dan Snyder and Kevin Colbert about Washington trading down from No. 16 to the Steelers pick at No. 31.

X - Good for him. Troy Polamalu has been using the downtime during the lockout wisely. Polmalau just finished his degree at USC. His major? Also a good choice -- history. Polamalu wrote about the experience of graduating and why it was so important for him to finish his degree on his website.

XIII - Baron Batch took time to write on Sunday. Like usual, a good read.

XIV - This was filed last week, but Rick Riley had a fun idea last week when he published a 'Re-Draft' of the last few years. The concept: where individuals might be drafted in we could turn back the clocks and do it all over again. Several current and former Steelers were shuffled quite demonstrably around the theoretical draft board.

XL - You know you're scraping for stories when you link to a poll about the league's best helmets as voted on by a panel of ESPN writers. Lo and behold, the Steelers win yet again!

XLIII - A good read on yesterday's NFL Lockout ruling from an unlikely source, The Atlantic.