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And the Winner of the 2011 Steelers Draft Contest is...

We had just a shade under 80 people enter the draft contest I set up last week.  After much procrastination I have finally determined the winner and it is user "jmn501".  He/She got 7 of the 10 questions right and narrowly beat out someone else who got 7 with the tiebreaker question.  Quite impressively, he/she nailed our second round draft pick, Marcus Gilbert. You have until Friday to claim your prize (just shoot me an email at  After that, I will go to the next person down the list.  Here is a look at the top 10 in the contest.

Rank User Q's Correct
1 jmn501 7 of 10
2 gmsteel 7 of 10
T-3 longstrangetrip18 6 of 10
T-3 lop3z 6 of 10
T-3 Spokanesteeler 6 of 10
T-3 John Stephens (obvious cheater)
6 of 10
T-3 RollingRock33 6 of 10
T-3 betelgeuse 6 of 10
T-3 Steel34D 6 of 10
T-10th 9 Users
5 of 10