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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Just Another Lockout Thursday Edition

IX - Warren Sapp of the NFL Network isn't too impressed by the recent comments of James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley concerning the NFL's plan to crack down even harder on individuals and their teams who are repeatedly flagged for late and excessively flagrant hits. Sapp of course is never one to shy away from an opportunity to talk himself up, so they're too be taken with a grain of salt.

X - The controversy stems from Harrison's reaction on Facebook the other day about the new rules when he called those in charge of the league a bunch of 'idiots'. Harrison has since clarified his comments with a bit more nuance. Where? His new blog! As of now there's only one post, but color me curious to see if Deebo sticks with it and continues to write like his new teammate Baron Batch.

XIII - Remember how in the alleged Ben Roethlisberger incident from last spring there was an off-duty state trooper somehow involved? Well that trooper appealed to be able to return to work as an off-duty assistant for Big Ben. An arbitrator denied that appeal however.

XIV - Bill Hillgrove, the legendary voice of the Steelers who will forever be linked with Myron Cope from their time together in the booth, is a figure younger Steelers fans should learn more about if the name doesn't ring out. Here's a suitable first start at learning about what makes Hillgrove special and so beloved. An even better read though is the story about Myron Cope written by Mike Silverstein (Homer J.) for last year's Maple Street Press publication. I mentioned it before last week, but yes, I'm still hard at work putting together this year's edition, which explains why you haven't seen too much of me recently.

XL - This is several weeks old, but Cameron Heyward opted to return to Columbus to finish his degrees after being drafted in the first round of April's draft by the Steelers. From the sound of it, Heyward should be getting ready to graduate and receive his diploma any day now. Congratulations to him!

XLIII - How about a video to conclude. I won't soon forget this puppy.