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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Hoping For Good News On The Horizon Edition

- A great read about Rocky Bleier in the last issue of Pittsbugh Magazine. In it, Bleier talks about making fun of Jack Lambert, Art Rooney's obsession with water fountains, and six-packs in the Three Rivers sauna.

X - Pete Wilmoth of SB Nation Pittsburgh argues why Plaxico Burress won't be landing in Pittsburgh once free agency is reinstated.

XIII - If you're one to think that the new 'Steelers Rule' will make the NFL too soft, well, you're not alone.

XIV - Speaking of rule changes, Ryan Clark joined The Fan in Pittsburgh this morning to talk all about the rule changes. In his typically glib fashion, Clark also weighed in on Jim Tressell, the NBA Finals, and other topics du jour.

XL - Steelers Lounge takes a closer look at the Super Bowl dominance of Lynn Swann and John Stallworth.

XLIII - Judy Batista of the New York Times explains what's at stake when legal proceedings in the NFL Lockout resume this week on Friday in St. Louis. Hopefully she's right and there will indeed be some clarity about the future of the league in 2011 come Friday.