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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: To The Dregs Of The Offseason We Go Edition

IX - Oh no! Hines Ward was placed in handcuffs by the LAPD this morning at 2 am. Thankfully though the situation was just one big misunderstanding. Ward was released shortly thereafter, and the police subsequently followed up with an apology to Ward who is of course still out in LA as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

X - Say it isn't so! I sure as heck hope Tiki Barber doesn't end up with the Steelers. At the end of the day, I'm sure I could stomach it, but really, the main reason I'd be so upset is because it would make it that much more difficult for incoming rookie Baron Batch to make the squad.

XIII - Speaking of Batch, the former Texas Tech Raiders standout joined 93.7 The Fan earlier in the week to talk about joining the Steelers. I figured most of you wouldn't mind taking a listen to the team's new folk hero. For your other listening pleasure, here's Antonio Brown, last year's late-round draft darling, talking about the lockout and the offseason, followed by first round selection Cameron Heyward.

IX - With the lockout looking like an increasing inevitably in light of the recent courtroom proceedings, you have to wonder when the Pittsburgh Steelers will get together for some informal team workouts. The New Orleans Saints had nearly 40 guys show up for the workouts organized by Drew Brees, perhaps because Brees foot the bill for the entire soiree. I absolutely love that Ward is involved with DWTS and enjying the experience so much, bu you have to wonder if it'd be No. 86 who would be the one doing similar things for the Steelers players were he not preoccupied in LA. Anybody else going to stand up for the Steelers?

XL - Doug Farrar, a solid NFL analyst who's written in the MSP publication I've edited the past two years, joined the guys at Steelers Lounge to recap the Steelers draft. You can listen to the podcast here.

XLIII - This one's open to you all. Any good reading/listening material you'd care to share?