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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: A New Week, Still No Lockout Resolution Edition

IX - Wow, so I asked whether members of the Pittsburgh Steelers were taking it upon themselves to conduct unofficial players-only workouts during the ongoing lockout. If they were, they weren't being publicized. But anyway, turns out they are. And there's even a non-Steelers player that's benefiting from them -- new Miami Dolphins rookie Mike Pouncey.

X - A nice puff piece from late last week about Chris Carter, the Steelers' fifth round pick, and his brother David being drafted within one round of each other. We'll try to turn our attention away from subjective evaluations and projections to trying to learn a bit more about the personalities and stories behind this year's crop of rookies.

XII - Like he does every Monday, Peter King files his Monday Morning Quarterback column. In it, King discusses  Mike Florio's apocalyptic Sunday post about the NFL potentially shutting down entirely in the event of a loss a the appellate level this coming week, more 2011 NFL Draft nuggets, and the usual MMQ tidbits that are a never-too-shabby way to start the new week. As for Florio's column, let's just say I'm not too inclined to believe that. Nice headline grabber for sure, and no, not entirely out of the realm of possibility. But still, that type of bullying and greed would being about a whole new level of PR hit than what they're currently looking.  And PR hits = profits lost on the margins. I just don't see that drastic a step being part of the equation just yet.

XIV - Hines Ward thought he was on Punk'd when he was mistakenly arrested last week. Ha!

XL - Gerry Duleac writes that you should put to bed any thoughts of Willie Colon being moved to guard.

XLIII - Share something with us from your own Monday morning perusing. Enjoy your weeks. Be back in a bit.