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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Could the NFL Players Be Going For The Kill Edition?

Happy Friday everybody. Hope you all's work weeks were enjoyable, productive and went by at a nice pace. Hopefully everyone's got some fun plans in store for this weekend as well. To kickoff the weekend, a quick six pack of links.

IX - Here's a fabulous read on the NFL Lockout legal proceedings from last week. It's the analysis and commentary of an attorney who was in attendance during the oral arguments presented to the the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals last Thursday, June 3rd, in St. Louis. Tons to think about after reading that.

X - Troy Polamalu is the league's most overrated player? I don't know about that. I do think there's a case to be made that Polamalu is a smidge overrated, but that's only because he's so recognizable and popular, and because he makes insane plays that even the very best in the league can't pull off. It's impossible to live up to the high standards No.43 sets for himself week in and week out. I personally thought that James Harrison was more deserving of the Defensive Player of the Year award last season, but I knew he wouldn't win it considering how much negative attention he had received earlier in the year for the 'illegal' hits he racked up. Still, saying that Polamalu is the most overrated in the league is a bit sensationalistic, no?

XII - Lawrence Timmonsn was a receiver in high school? Who would have thought? Timmons began his high school career at 140 pounds, and once he bulked up, he was moved over to defense. But he didn't stop playing wide receiver either! Apparently Michigan was quite interested in recruiting him as a WR according to....

XIV - This video:

XL - What do you think of the Top 100 lists being rolled out by the NFL Network and Peter King. The NFLN list features the input of over 400 current players. I wrote a few thoughts about the Steelers players listed in the bottom 60 picks of the lists earlier today.

XLIII -  And to conclude, why not some commentary on the world's great athletes featured on sports trading cards in 1887. The author, Spencer Hall, is probably the funniest man writing on the entire SB Nation network. When not writing on SB Nation dot com, he's tending to his immensely popular site Every Day Should Be Saturday. If you like to laugh, If you love college football or just enjoy a great humorous take on sports, you should be reading Hall's stuff. You can subscribe to Hall's posts via RSS or follow him on Twitter.