Brett Keisel Tattoo

I have already posted this image so pardon the overkill if some of yinz see it as such. This genius art was created by the greatest portrait tattoo artist in the 412, Jason Angst.

Jason is an accomplished oil painter and so wanted to translate those techniques from canvas to skin, he has worked on skin for 15+ years and all this cat does is win. He swept the proverbial leg.

In a dead humdrum boring uncertain shite time of football limbo I hope this gets your blood flowing like it does mine.

I met a few cats from The Steelers Front Office on Saturday June 4 and they were stoked about this tat, like kids they gushed, it was pretty damned cool. They even made some noise about arranging a meeting with Brett, if and when that happens yinz will be the first to know. Tical.

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