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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: NFL Lockout Turns 100 (Days) Edition

IX - In an op-ed to the New York Times this weekend, longtime Pennsylvania senator, Arlen Specter, opines that Congress should intervene to help bring an end to the NFL Lockout. Something tells me though that Specter isn't too concerned about the financial health of Fantasy Football websites when making his arguments.

X - The current NFL Lockout, the longest in league history, eclipsed the 100-day marker this weekend. That had me wondering what are the longest work stoppages in professional sports history. Looks like the 2011 NFL Lockout will assume third place in a few short days.

XIII - Yeah, let's go ahead and not ever again discuss Tiki Barber returning to the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Best of luck to Barber as he tries to get himself together, but it's going to have to occur somewhere other than in Pittsburgh.

XIV - Dallas Baker, the team's seventh round draft pick back in 2007 that fans hoped would develop into the tall receiver Ben Roethlisberger so desperately wanted, is trying his hand in the CFL. One year removed from a stint in the arena league, Baker believes his football career is on the line this week when he and the Montral Alouttes play their final exhibition game of the season.

XL - If the Steelers do ultimately find a way to re-sign Ike Taylor, you better believe that the cornerback's unrivaled work ethic in the offseason will be atop the reasons why they feel he was worth investing in for a few more years.



XLIII - I'll save this one for you all on Monday morning. Anything interesting or newsworthy his the wire this morning? Do share if so. 

Have great weeks everybody!