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Steelers UDFA Thread

Please note that the following transactions should not be considered official until announced officially by the Steelers organization. Just like during the lead up to the end of the lockout, you can expect the fast-paced nature of the news and information cycle to lead to some misreports or last-minute changes to what might have been considered all but a done deal. Thanks. - Michael B. -


The league has informed clubs that they may come to an agreement to sign (but not, you know, actually sign until the end of the week) undrafted free agents as of Monday night. While I will try and keep up with the various signings please feel free to put anyone I missed below and I'll add them to the official list. Otherwise, discuss my friends - actual football is here!

UPDATE (2:45 PM ET):


1) Vaughn Charlton, TE/HB (Temple)
2) John Clay, HB (Wisconsin)
3) Terrence McCrae, WR (Ohio)
4) Armand Robinson, WR (Miami University)
5) Adam Mims, WR (Furman)
6) Weslye Saunders, TE (South Carolina)
7) Colin Miller, C (Central Michigan)
8) Trevis Turner, OT (Abilene Christian)
9) Brent Greenwood, S (Iowa)
10) Niles Brinkley, CB (Wisconsin)
11) Eric Clanton, OLB (Citadel)
12) Mario Harvey, MLB (Marshall)
13) Miguel Chavis, DE (Clemson)
14) Anthony Gray, DT (Southern Miss)
15) Eric Greenwood, WR (Idaho)


16) Ty Boyle, DE (North Dakota)
17) Joshua Harrison, T (South Carolina State)
18) Derek Chard, LS (Connecticut)