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Behind the Steel Curtain 2011 Fantasy Football League

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Hey friends,

I'm pleased to announce the return of fantasy football to Behind the Steel Curtain this year. Last season, SB Nation partnered with CBS for paid leagues, and I opted not to participate for a number of reasons. This year we're back on Yahoo's free platform. I look forward to getting my ass whooped again this year by y'all.

The league (BTSC 2011) will be a 12-team format, leaving 11 spots for you all to join. For better or worse, we'll just have to go with first come first serve for the participants.

If you'd like to participate and think you'll be an active and fun player, join the fun. We'll work out a date and time for the draft soon, but for now it's scheduled for the Tuesday or Wednesday of Week 1. We can also adjust the scoring settings based on what the consensus is of the group. We'll do that off the site so as not to bore others.

To play in the official BTSC 2011 Fantasy Football League...

Click here to join:

(League ID: 201443)

Password: herewegosteelers


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