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Sickening, Sad News From Latrobe: Baron Batch Out For Year With Torn ACL

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I have been shaking my head in disgust and sadness all day about the terrible news surrounding Baron Batch and the knee injury he sustained during Wednesday's training camp sessions. Part of me though held out hope that the rookie seventh rounder merely sprained his knee. I had my fingers crossed hoping that there wasn't any ligament damage. And it wasn't entirely unfounded optimism. Batch, after all, was merely running a non-contact drill when he came up lame and was in noticeable pain.

Unfortunately our worst fears are indeed a reality: Baron Batch is out for the 2011 season with a torn ACL.

Batch shared the news himself just a few minutes ago on his blog:

The funny thing about all roads is that at some point they all have potholes, speed bumps and detours. However, the durability of your vehicle is what allows you to reach your destination regardless of your traveling conditions.

Friday I was supposed to play my first NFL game. That won’t happen. Today I tore my ACL. I’m not sure why I’m writing about this right now except for the fact that God put it on my heart to do so. I probably should be devastated at the fact I wont play my rookie season but… I’m not.  After my season ending injury my freshman year of college I promised myself that I would never ask God "why?" again and I’m not about to start now. It’s during the tough times that we are able to grow. I’m excited to hit another growth spurt.

I want to vomit. Just awful, awful news for the young man. Of course, Batch himself isn't looking for any sympathy. He's a stronger man than I am though. Best of luck to Mr. Batch as he begins yet another long road to recovery in his pursuit of a life-long dream of playing in the NFL. I don't need to remind you that young men like this shouldn't be counted out. Ever.

A huge setback though for the time being. And a cruel, cruel reminder to all of us fans just how brutal of a journey it is to make it in the NFL.

Be blessed Baron,

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