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Sweed's Release With Injury A Familiar Tune

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Limas Sweed being placed on waivers with an injury is the most appropriate way to end his often frustrating time in Pittsburgh. He was rarely healthy - whether it was physically or mentally, he missed substantial time due to both - and while his potential was always sky-high, it ended up being only that. Potentially great, usually injured.

Sweed, the Steelers second round pick in 2008, had the size and breakaway ability of a big-time NFL receiver. At 6-foot-4, he ran like a deer, causing levels of separation usually attributed to the league's elite receivers. Speed was never an issue. His hands were. Creating that kind of separation is only helpful if he catches the ball. He dropped a touchdown in what would have been a death blow to Baltimore in the AFC Championship game in January of 2009. He dropped another would-be touchdown at Cincinnati in 2010 - another score that would have all but ended the game. The Steelers hung on to defeat the Ravens, courtesy of a Troy Polamalu interception score in the fourth quarter, but the dropped pass against Cincinnati left the door open. The Bengals came back to win, and went on to win the division. Pittsburgh finished 9-7, missing the playoffs. Sweed never recovered. In December of 2009, he was placed on injured reserve with a non-football related illness. Shortly into spring practice in 2010, Sweed blew out his Achilles, ending his season again. SteelerNation always had high hopes for Sweed despite the injuries and drops. He had a chance to make the team this season, but a shoulder injury early into camp kept him off the field for the majority of the time. He didn't play in the preseason-opening loss at Washington, and his release came a day after BTSC's John Stephens reported newly signed WR Jerricho Cotchery had an excellent practice. Some will speculate Sweed is another second round bust draft pick under GM Kevin Colbert. Others will express concern that he will eventually get it together and have a nice career. When the rubber meets the road, Sweed just couldn't get on the field. And the fact he was waived with an injury (meaning the Steelers have to pay his 2011 salary unless another team picks him up) is a sad but predictable way for him to leave.