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Wallace Wants 2,000 Yards

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This slipped past our wide nets of news observation.

Steelers third-year WR Mike Wallace wants to reach the as of now never reached plateau of 2,000 receiving yards. Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice owns the league record with 1,858 receiving yards.

Brash and bold. Endearing in a way. Let's play along for a minute.  

Wallace would need to average 125 receiving yards a game in 16 games to achieve that mark. The recently turned 25-year-old has a two-year average of 20.3 yards per catch, but has only one game with more than 125 yards - a 136 yard performance in a loss against New England last year.

Based on that career 20.3 yards per catch average, Wallace's numbers would be something like 99 catches and 2,009 yards. He'd likely be the MVP of the league, if not for the Rodgers Lust we're likely to endure for another five months.'s a joke. There's no way anyone's beating Rodgers for MVP this year, Packers fans. Or the presidency in 2012.

It's not unfair to suggest Wallace could see career highs in yards and catches this year. His route-running has improved and he is becoming more of a legitimate No. 1 receiver - able to run all routes at any distance all over the field. He'll likely see his role expanded even further this year, and while any level that Jerry Rice didn't meet is beyond lofty for any receiver, Yancey Thigpen's franchise record 1,398 yards isn't out of reach.

Maybe Wallace would be ok with that.