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Benstonium Video Production: 'Steelers Earthquake'

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Chris Benson of Benstonium Productions just pinged me to let me know that he had put the final touches on a video production he started Tuesday afternoon following the surprising east coast earthquake that was felt all the way in Pittsburgh. Unsurprisingly, Benstonium found a clever way to tie in the current event with what the city of Pittsburgh loves most -- anything and everything Steelers related. That's how you get a part earthquake, part 2011 NFL season preview video I suppose. As someone who dabbles in video production, I know it ain't easy coming up with and executing clever ideas on the fly like this. Nice job yet again.

If you haven't already seen the 2011 preview video Benstonium put out last week in the style of a Dark Knight movie trailer, you'll want to be sure to check that out as well. And after that, peruse through the rest of the catalog on the website.