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Opinions Wanted: Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Fantasy Projections

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For this week's Fantasy Football post for Yahoo!, I thought I'd turn the tables and lean on you guys for opinions. Not that I don't do that frequently, but when it comes to fantasy football, it only makes sense that I hand the floor over to someone else. So, here's 10 questions for you all to chime in on. 

  1. Antonio Brown vs Emmanuel Sanders? Who you taking with one of your late round picks?
  2. Rashard Mendenhall with finish with ___________ yards, _________ total TDs, __________ receptions, _______ receiving yards? 
  3. Isaac Redman will finish with ________ rushing TDs.
  4. After what we've seen out of Ben Roethlisberger so far in the preseason, name your top five fantasy quarterbacks for 2011. 
  5. Who will finish with more receptions -- Hines Ward or Mike Wallace? How many combined receptions will Ward and Wallace finish with? 
  6. What is an appropriate round to draft the Steelers defense? The Steelers defense forced 38 turnovers, an enormous number, in 2010 -- will they match or surpass that number in 2011? If not, do you need to revise where you think they are worthy of being drafted?
  7. Which Steeler will lead the team in sacks? List the top four sack leaders this season including how many each will have. 
  8. The Steelers had 479 passing attempts and 471 rushing attempts in 2010; what will the pass-run balance be in 2011? Do you see the offense running more or fewer total plays?
  9. Will Steelers get through year with the same kicker and punter that start Week 1?
  10. Steelers record in 2011?

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