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LaMarr Woodley Inks Deal with the Steelers, Second Highest Paid Steeler Ever

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Woodley Inks Deal
Woodley Inks Deal

Straight from LaMarr's facebook profile.

Wanted yall 2 hear it from me 1st- Drafted here... super bowl here.. will retire here!! now time to get u this 7th trophy!!!! thank u 2 the rooney family, my family, teammates, agent, and all of u!! P.S.-STEELER 4 LIFE!!!!!!

The deal is a reported 6 year contract for $61.5 million. He is set to make 18.1 million in the first year and 27 in the first two years. Apparently, this significantly lowers our cap hit somehow, but I am not sure how. User k99 will probably explain that one in the comments.

This is great news for the Steelers because Woodley is young and just about to enter his prime. Wow, just about to enter his prime and he is already putting up top 10 OLB numbers. I am sure our fearless leader will have more on this later, but for now lets party (shots on LaMarr of course).