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Former Steeler UDFA Brett Greenwood Collapses After Workout

Former Steelers undrafted free agent S Brett Greenwood was hospitalized Friday in Iowa City, Iowa, after collapsing during a workout in Bettendorf, Iowa. 

The Quad City Times reported Greenwood suffered an apparent heart attack, as described by a first-hand witness to the incident. 

Greenwood, who was released by the Steelers in part of their final roster cuts, was at his high school alma mater, Pleasant Valley, in Bettendorf, Iowa Friday before a game between Pleasant Valley and Davenport West. 

Greenwood was working out on the school's practice field when he suddenly collapsed. He was transferred immediately to Trinity Bettendorf Hospital, and later, University Hospital in Iowa City. 

Team Trainer Jason Viel made the comment, "his heart stopped," and he administered one charge from a local defibrillator to restore his pulse. 

This is probably a bit more editorializing than I'd care to have in a story of this nature, but the value of local schools owning Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) is beyond measure. Every year, we read stories of well-conditioned athletes collapsing on the fields of competition, and the difference between their survival and death always seems to be linked to the presence of a defibrillator. 

Greenwood is an elite-level athlete, just four days from his 24th birthday. 

As someone involved with high school sports, we made it a priority to own one, and I'd strongly encourage any person or organization with an interest in high school or community sports to get involved if an AED is not present. 

It may have saved Brett Greenwood's life.