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Sunday Morning Sermon: The Final Pre-Game Points

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Looking back over another rant-filled week of Steelers-Ravens, a few things stand out. 

  • The bitter rivals ironically square off on a day that largely unified most of the nation. 
  • Joe Flacco's eyes are down the field. He was barraged by media from both camps asking about his previous lack of success against the Steelers. 
  • Baltimore defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano is gonna bring the noise all game long - multiple blitz packages, and a far more aggressive approach than his predecessor. 
  • Pittsburgh can shred that blitz, and overwhelm an inexperienced secondary if Roethlisberger, Ward and Young Money are all on the same page. 

Who Wants It? 

RB Isaac Redman's touchdown in the second regular season meeting between these two teams last year was overlooked mostly due to SS Troy Polamalu's huge forced fumble a few plays earlier. Redman's greatest career run was one of power and grace, willing himself into the end zone after he looked like he'd be tackled short three different times. 

We will see plenty of Redman today. Is this the game he finally stamps his brand outside of his BTSC disciples (The RedSciples)? He's definitely a guy to watch. 

Song Of Choice: 

Last season is over. The Super Bowl loss means nothing anymore. It may be lame, but Adele's "Rollin' In The Deep" is stuck in my head. And not because of the NBA Draft, that famously played one bit of the song all night. 

It's a fitting song for Week 1: "You're gonna wish you/never had met me/tears are gonna fall/rollin' in the deep."

This is a revenge season for the Steelers. No one's picking them to win anything. One game a division champion doesn't make, but let's see who's gonna be chased, and who's gonna chase. 

Week 1 Benediction

May James Harrison land home on Flacco

May James Farrior find Ray Rice before he disappears inside his wall of blockers

May that ball on the ground or in the air find its way into the hands of the Steelers players

May Roethlisberger find rhythm with his receivers, and patiently wait for the big play opportunity to expose itself

May Maurkice Pouncey find that anger that helps him destroy his assignment

May the Steelers keep a white black jersey between No. 7 and Terrell Suggs at all times