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Steelers Reportedly Lose OT Willie Colon To Triceps Injury

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Editor's Note: Remember the word 'Reportedly' in this headline. This report has not yet been substantiated yet by the Steelers or by any of the city's prominent media outlets. Hopefully this is incorrect, and if so, I'll be relieved and reminded of the dangers of running with unverified stories. We'll see.

Editor's Note No. 2: And there we have it: Ed Bouchette confirms Willie Colon does in fact have a torn triceps. Unfortunate news for both Colon and the Steelers.

- Michael B. -


Steeler Nation is still reeling from Pittsburgh's lopsided Week 1 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, and to make matters worse, it looks as if the injury bug has bitten. Adam Caplan is reporting that offensive tackle Willie Colon suffered a tricpes injury during the 35-7 loss to Baltimore.

If the injury is significant, and the early indication is that it is, the Steelers could re-sign veteran OT Flozell Adams, who started 16 games last season for team last season when replacing Colon, who missed all of 2010 with an Achilles tendon injury.

Yikes. Not the fact that the Steelers might have to turn to Adams once again, that's not scary at all necessarily. But it's certainly unfortunate and disheartening (if true) that Colon will miss extended time again in 2011 after missing all of last season with an Achilles heel injury. Hopefully the injury is not to Colon's triceps muscle, as we know all too well how debilitating those can be. Aaron Smith suffered a similar injury during last year's win over the Miami Dolphins, and was unable to fully recover for the remainder of the season and playoffs.

Chris Scott is listed as Colon's backup at right tackle; there's also Marcus Gilbert and Trai Essex who could fill Colon's shoes. But suffice it to say, the Steelers would need to add a body to the active roster, and it's not very likely that they're ready to bring Trevis Turner off the practice squad just yet. Instead, it looks like Adams or perhaps Max Starks might get the call from Kevin Colbert sometime today if Caplan's report is in fact true.