Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell defines the tipping point as "the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point". His book deals with epidemics and social hysteria and is an excellent read. The current Steeler's organization may not be a social dilemma, but i feel we have reached our tipping point with our current roster. We reached our third Superbowl in 6 years with rosters primarily built from within. Much of those rosters still lie in tact. The run those rosters gave us maybe once in a life time and we all may be taking these times for granted. I am not closing the door on our season, there maybe one last run, but that is it. This core roster has reached it's threshold, a capacity that was revered by all of the NFL.

Coming into Sunday I was not up for our game against Baltimore at all. Which is surprising because it was the season opener let alone a Baltimore game. My buddy called me right after Baltimore went up 7-0 and asked me my thoughts. They were grim. I told him we would lose by 30, we lost by 28. The reason my adrenaline was not flowing I am not sure, but one thing resonates in my mind. I am no longer excited about our roster anymore. When I list what I have to look forward to there is not much there. I am probably the most spoiled of all fans. I feel the Tomlin era has had some great booms in the draft but many busts. Needless to say we have built very little roster replacement depth over the years. The Browns, Bengals, and Ravens all have young up and coming talent. I question ours.

Things I like:

Timmons, Woodley, Pouncey, Mike Wallace. All blue chippers. We are an all or nothing hitter in the Tomlin Era. Big home runs and a lot of strikeouts in between. Very few singles and doubles. (Sanders, Brown, Sylvester

Now to our future: This is what is killing us. Not that these guys all are bad but I believe their value where drafted may be bad: Worilds, Thad Gibson, Chris Scott, Crez Butler, Ziggy (1), Urbik, K Lewis, J Burnett, Summers, Sweed, Mendy(don't believe in RBs 1), B Davis, T Hills, B Davis, M Humpal, Speath, Robopunter, MCBean, Gay, and Stevenson. ( I omitted all 6th and 7ths)

Gladwell says it is the little things that make the difference. I am worried about our little things.

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