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Tell Behind the Steel Curtain Your 'Priceless' Pittsburgh Steelers Moment, Win Two Tickets To Sudany's Game Courtesy of MasterCard

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Editor's Note: Contest now CLOSED! Many thanks to all who entered. Some great stories in there. Hopefully MasterCard will be pleased enough to allow us to do this again with a bit more advance warning. I will be putting the names into a hat and randomly selecting a winner here shortly. I will email the winner with instructions. If I do not hear from you by 4:15 or so EST, I will pick another winner. Thanks! - Michael B. -

Editor's Note No. 2: I have shuffled all the names randomly and drawn from a hat, and the winner is 92SteelersFan4Life07. I will email you here in a minute, please respond promptly in order to win the prize. Many thanks to all of you for participating. Hopefully solid turnouts like this will allow me to get other cool stuff for y'all here throughout the season. - Michael B. -

Editor's Note No.3: Turns out I had two pairs of tickets to give away, so I drew once more, and our second winner is Simonsen. Thanks y'all have fun at the game and let us know how it goes.

Well, well. What a nice little late-week surprise. Many thanks to MasterCard for reaching out to offer us two free tickets to give away go this Sunday's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks.

To enter:

1) Be somewhere from Pittsburgh or within driving distance so that you can actually attend the game this Sunday. If you live in Los Angeles, I doubt you'll be able to get a flight and hotel in time to make this work. The winner must provide me with a name and address so I will not sign off on MasterCard sending them off to someone who I don't believe will be able to make it to Heinz.

2) Briefly, (or not so briefly if you prefer), share your 'Priceless' Pittsburgh Steelers moment in the comments.

3) Deadline to enter will be 3 pm EST so I can then randomly draw a number amongst the entrants and send off your name and address in time for the tickets to be overnighted to you this afternoon.

Good luck! And once again, many thanks to MasterCard for giving one of us lucky fans two free tickets to the Steelers' home opener this Sunday.