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Behind the Steel Curtain Radio: 'Terrible Towel Talk', Episode 1

Myron Cope, we are not.
Myron Cope, we are not.

We're two or three years late on this one, but Behind the Steel Curtain is finally venturing out into the world of podcasting. Been talking about it for awhile, just now getting it off the ground with the help of Neal and Adam Coolong. We'll be doing two episodes per week -- one to recap the previous weekend during Monday Night Football (when the Steelers aren't playing of course), and one on Thursdays to preview the upcoming game.

On the Monday night episodes, Frank Mineo (drinkyourmilkshake) will join the party each week, as we take a look back at the Steelers latest game, as well as the rest of the action around the league. I hope for those nights to be interactive with many of you all, fun and easy going (drinking games anyone?), etc.

The Thursday episodes should be more straightforward looks ahead to the upcoming game, with frequent media guests and football analysts to help break things down. I have some fun ideas for other guests as well. I know folks would agree to come talk to the biggest, most vocal Steelers community on the internet, provided we get just a few minor things cleaned up around the edges. We will, but we're not there yet as you'll hear!

We recorded our first, very raw and under-produced show this afternoon. In it, the brothers Coolong begin by taking a quick look back at the Week 1 loss to Baltimore and the Ravens' controversial, illegal chop blocks. I then was able to jump on and join them to talk about the Week 2 matchup with Seattle, and a few other quick talking points in a quick 22 minute test run.

One quick thing to clarify is that the 'host' you hear is Adam Coolong. He's easily got the best voice, so Neal and I thought it made sense to have him guide the conversation. We'll probably keep that same format on Thursdays when it's just the three of us. I'll be conducting interviews with our guests that day, as well as leading some conversation on Monday nights.

We'll see how things go. It's all for fun, and I don't think you'll find us taking ourselves too seriously. Just trying to find a new fun way to talk Steelers football, and we hope that once we get a firm scheduled lined down and are a bit more organized, that you'll be able to join the conversation live. More soon.

For now, Episode 1 of Terrible Towel Talk on Behind the Steel Curtain Radio. I can only hope I can look back at this first episode the same way I look back at the first blog post I wrote on Behind the Steel Curtain back in early February of 2006 just days before Super Bowl XL.