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BTSC Steelers Sick Pack: Is It Sunday Yet Edition?

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IX - Here's your Week 2 TV Distribution Map for both CBS and FOX. Sorry to say it, but looks like this telecast is fairly limited to those not in the Pacific Northwest or the Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia/Ohio area.

X - Which leads me to my next topic: streaming games. I know many of you will be looking for a feed this weekend, and though I won't endorse doing so by posting links for you all personally, I'd still point those of you who do stream games to this article about watching NFL games online.  Even if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about or are able to purchase Sunday Ticket without having to think twice about the cost, it's still an interesting read (and subsequent discussion in comments section) about the present and future of NFL broadcasting online. 

XII A $15,000 fine for that horse tackle on Ray Rice? Are you kidding me. I know Troy Polamalu recently inked a contract that cements his incredible financial standing for life, but sheesh, that;s ridiculous and got to be hard to stomach for even the wealthiest of players. I suppose I shouldn't take Polamalu's financial health for granted. Chris McAlister Three-time Pro Bowl cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens is, after all, broke and living with his parents

XIV - Hines Ward and James Farrior took the high road in terms of biting their tongue about Warren Sapp's dramatic remarks about the Steelers' chances in 2011. Listen to the two veterans' Thursday appearance on The Fan to hear how they handled those questions, as well as talk about the Week 1 disappointment and how they're approaching their Week 2 matchup against Seattle. 

XL - It may be two and a half years old almost, but I think the crux of the question still pertains: 'Is Joe Flacco's Unibrow the Reason for the Ravens' Success This Year?' Sorry, had too many nice things to say about Baltimore all week. Needed to resort to something less dignified and objective. Thanks. 

XLIII - Open floor here. If everyone shares a link, we'll be plenty well-read heading into the weekend. Can be news-y, editorial, not Steelers related necessarily provided you think a number of us would enjoy reading it. Fire away. Happy Friday. Catch y'all in a bit.