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Pittsburgh Steelers SS Troy Polamalu Fined $15,000

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Steelers SS Troy Polamalu received a $15,000 fine for a horse collar tackle on Ravens RB Ricky Williams during Baltimore's Week 1 victory over the Steelers. 

Polamalu told the Tribune-Review "It definitely wasn't on purpose. I never intentionally tried to horse collar anyone."

Polamalu and RB Ray Rice had an altercation during the game, and there isn't any mention whether the size of the fine was related to that. The play was penalized, and the Ravens went onto win 35-7. 

He said he wouldn't discuss the fine, or any possible routes of appeal. If he did appeal, it would be handled by a two-person committee, jointly appointed by the league and the NFLPA. Former coaches Ted Cottrell and Art Shell are serving in that capacity now. 

There were plenty of other chippy moments during the second half of the one-sided affair. Punches were thrown and multiple post-whistle skirmishes broke out. This appears to be the only incident earning a fine.