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Sunday Morning Sermon: Final Thoughts on Steelers vs. Seahawks

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It was an active week in terms of doubters of the Church of Latter Day Rooneys. 

  • As haters and non-believers like to do after our foundation has been shaken, they pushed our faith as far as we let them. 
  • We'll defend our players' paychecks and decry the lack of deduction of those who chop-block us. 
  • Warren Sapp has (again) been cast outside the Benediction Circle. 
  • The motif of "returning to basics" was spread around all four corners of Steeler Nation. 
  • Pain and retribution are the prices to be paid today, whether Seattle had anything to do with Week 1 or not. 

Who Wants It? 

There are four linebackers who have been simmering in anger after a poor Week 1 performance. Slowly roasting in their own juices, like good barbecue, Brothers James Harrison, James Farrior, Lawrence Timmons and LaMarr Woodley are ready to land Balboa-like left hooks on Seattle's crumbling offensive line for 60 minutes. 

We sincerely wish for the safety of Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson. But that's out of our hands now. There are four very angry and large men who have been goaded all week long. Time to let the big dogs eat. 

Song of Choice

It's a psycho-thriller kind of message today. It's a thrash metal kind of mood. It's a White Zombie day.

The first 25 seconds of their song "Thunderkiss '65" (can't find a link to the version with the intro) are of a radio dial being spun over a variety of programs and music. It lands on a breaking news bulletin, with the broadcaster informing the audience, "Here are the facts as we know them. There is an epidemic of mass murder being committed by a virtual army of unidentified assassins." (lady screams, "OH MY GOD!")

DUN dun duhdun duhDUNduhdundundun duhDUNduhdundundun duh DUNnuh NUH nuh (CRASH)

"...livin' fast and dying young like a endless poetry/my motor-psycho nightmare freak out inside of me/my soul salvation liberation on the drive/the power of the blaster move me faster/nineteen sixty five/yeah/wow!"

That simmering rage is pretty close to coming to a full boil. 

Week 2 Benediction

May our inevitable fines further bond the team closer together. 

May we honor Brother Colon's injury by gashing a vastly underrated run defense for 175 yards on the ground. 

May the long-discussed first start of Brother Keenan (assuming Brother Bryant can't go) ignite a coverage unit that could use a few picks today. 

May Brother Roethlisberger see Brothers Brown and Sanders much more clearly than he did last week.