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Steelers Vs. Seahawks: BTSC Week 2 Gameday Open Thread

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Okay, we're about 20 minutes away from kickoff between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams are trying to avoid 0-2 starts after making the playoffs a year ago. Pittsburgh is heavy favorites in this game despite looking decidedly mediocre in Week 1. Will they be able to shake off their poor performance and take care of business at Heinz Field today? Or will whatever weaknesses they may have truly shine through against Seattle? We'll see.

One matchup that I haven't seen anybody really talk about -- LaMarr Woodley vs. rookie RT James Carpenter. We were fairly high on Carpenter here on BTSC throughout the pre-draft process, but the bottom line is he's looked terrible so far for Seattle. With Robert Gallery healthy and ready to play, Carpenter has been moved to right tackle for Week 2. If Woodley can't get to Tavaris Jackson and punish Carpenter all afternoon, I'll be unimpressed. Let's just leave it at that.

Go Steelers!