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Steelers Get Back On Track With 24-0 Shut of Seahawks

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We'll get to a full recap of the Pittsburgh Steelers' 24-0 Week 2 win over the Seattle Seahawks but use this thread to share your initial reactions. Here's an overview of the game's primary story lines:

  • A week after turning the ball over 7 times, the Steelers protected the ball well and did not give the ball away once to Seattle's defense.
  • Ben Roethlisberger was just two yards shy of 300 yards for the day. He was outstanding for the most part.
  • Mike Wallace registered his fifth consecutive regular season game with at least 100 receiving yards. Who says that 2,000 yard prediction was totally unrealistic?
  • This defense is going to be just fine folks. Period.
  • Not a bad rookie debut for Marcus Gilbert. He'll face tougher tests in the weeks to come, but a nice outing to get his feet wet.

Much, much more here throughout the day.

By the way, Tennessee just wrapped up their home win over the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers and Ravens are now tied at 1-1. Put away the panic button for now.

Go Steelers!